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ALDO is a leading fashion design house for shoes, jewellery, purses, handbags, watches and other hair accessories. Its handbag collection is most sought after with available designs that enhance your style each season.

The bags are a great choice because they ALDO releases their collection for each season. This means the customer can have a bag that is trendy for that particular season. Moreover, their collection is made up of eye-catchy cute bags at great prices. This gives the user a very unique look without being out of style.

Apart from that, available bags are durable and will still look awesome after a season. The durability of this bags allows them to be used longer. It is also worth to mention that ALDO handbags have a pricing that is affordable without compromising on its quality. They are also light to carry around.

With a variety of bags -backpacks, clutches- a customer can choose a design that is elegant and comfortable to suit all occasions. Lastly, this collection has features that customers love. For example, the ALDO clutch has a chain that can be made into a cross-body or removed and be used as a clutch for party.

This collection comprises of backpacks which usually have two straps that go over the shoulder with the bag comfortably resting on the back, wallets that men can carry in their pockets or ladies can throw in their bags, cross-body and messenger bags that have a long strap that hangs from the shoulder and crosses over to the other side around the waist region, clutches and evening bags that ladies can carry to evening parties and late-night dinner, shoulder bags and totes are comfortable for formal office look.

Satchels and top-handle bags are very stylish bags with a shiny bright expensive look that can be carried at elbow region or hanging it by the hand, and lastly quirky cool bags which are amazing bags which pretty design-shapes, they have patterns, they are adorned with beads and can be given out as a gift. These handbags bags come in different shapes, sizes, designs, colors and features that give the client a signature look.

To have a view of their collection and order your choice, customers can visit their official website at www.aldoshoes.com, provided on this site is phone contact to call and order your choice, the number is 1-888-818-2536. Handbags can also be ordered from their online stores or online market places like ebay. Alternatively, the customers can order via e-mail, this requires the client to sign up with them on their website. Other customer prefer to directly visit their physical store location and have a 'touch' of the handbags before buying them.

Provided here is an address list of the location of their store in New York city:-
181 Broadway
Phone number 212.227.1686

466 Fulton Street
Phone number 718.852.2337

Chrysler Building
139 East 42nd Street
New York
Phone number 212.661.0208

Westfield World Trade Center
185 Greenwich Street
New York
10007 NY
Phone number 212.732.2454

97 Fifth Avenue
New York
Phone number 212.229.9865

Newport Center
30 Mall Drive West
Jersey City
Phone number 201.656.6744

27 West 34th Street
New York
Phone number 212.594.6255

470 Broadway
New York
Phone number 212.925.3102

579 Broadway
New York
Phone number 212.226.7974



276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222