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These handbags are very attractive to women because of their unique make-up and design. what makes them stand out is the distinctive use colorful pictures on the outside; there are different pictorial designs and art themes including those of butterflies, flowers, birds dragonflies, sea life, fantasy, vintage, scenic and nature. apart from that, they come in exquisite designs that include back-packs, cross body, Hobo, satchel convertibles and travel bags. emphasis on bright colors also make the product stand out; most notable colors are; blue, yellow pink, red and purple. Since their main target customers are women, use of bright colors has been one of their signature identifiers. children are also attracted to bright colored items.

These hand bags have several designs and styles, one of the most common is the cross body type that has outstanding pieces such as the 448 double zip travel cross body at $93, 481 cross body travel organizer at $142, 550 expandable travel cross body at $167, 452 cross body at $113, 447 compact cross body at $ 144, the 257 asymmetrical flap cross body that goes at $171. The cross body style mainly targets the younger generation including mostly those ladies at the college level because of their high affinity for stylish handbags. There are also arrays of shoulder bags, some of the most notable ones are Anuschka 469 DNP bag, Anuschka HOBO with side pockets, Anuschka triple compartment medium satchel, Anuschka zip top medium satchel and Anuschka contemporary HOBO. These shoulder bags mainly target the working class ladies as they are relatively expensive and classy although those coming from rich backgrounds acquire them too.

Travel bags are the other types; among its most familiar designs include; 493 two-sided zip travel organizer, 560 cross body travel organizer and 447 compact cross body travel organizer. Travel bags like there name are designed to ensure consumers have a comfortable journey as most of them are not only attractive, they also offer maximum space to aid those using the item carry enough luggage.

Apart from the above designs, there are also backpacks, flat bags, shopper, convertible and tote.

Backpacks are tailored and common within the age groups of between 8 and 17 years, the company creates the item to satisfy the need to carry learning material. Flat bags are prevalent among ladies who like going shopping as they are flexible allowing the user cover large area. convertibles are also very flexible and can be used by women who intend to visit area such as the beaches or games.

Where and how to buy Anuschka handbags In New York remains the real question. Being one of the largest cities in the world there are several places this brand can be bought from.

These places are; Brookfield place located at 230 Vesey st, New York 10281,+212-978-1698. Bottega Veneta handbags, fashion and leather goods located on the 697 5th avenue, phone number (212) 980-0129. Burberry luxury British clothing and accessories located on 57th street, phone number- 1212-407-7100 and club Monaco fashions, 160 5th avenue, New York, phone number- 1212-352-0936. 







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