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When it comes to a Ferragamo Handbag that is stylish, fashionable and has a fantastic design, you only need to view the brands latest offerings that are available for sale. Ferragamo Company , the most successful business was founded by Salvatore Ferragamo who was born on 5th June 1989 in the city of Bonito in Italy. Before starting this business venture, for a number of years he had been designing shoes for celebrities during 1920s.

He is known for having given the famous cage heel and the wedge heel shoes for women besides having invented quite a few designs too.

There are other companies that make a similar quality shoulder bag, such as Bottega Veneta and Chanel. 

When comparing the factors of price, quality, craftsmanship and durability, I would have to say that Salvatore Ferragamo Handbags deliver value for the money.

Other products that are in demand from the brand are Ferragamo Wallets, Ferragamo Shoes and the compact size Ferragamo Purse.

Due to the popularity of the company and their products, it is important for you, as a buyer, to keep an eye out for replica Ferragamo Handbags that are offered by some merchants. At first glance, they look like the real thing. However, you will end up finding yourself disappointed in the long run as the quality and durability are very short lived.

There are several Internet shops that offer deals that are usually much better than what you would pay at your local shopping mall. So when you are ready to buy, it is highly recommended that you take a few minutes and do a search on the web first.

Doing a search on the net allows you the chance to easily and quickly compare prices, thus you can be sure in getting the best available deal for your hard earned money.

One of the best parts of web shopping is that you will be able to locate those rare or hard to find models of Ferragamo Handbags that you can't seem to find anywhere else or are sold out in department stores.

Pricing Information:

If you are considering purchasing a bag at your local fashion boutique shop or department store, expect to pay between $279.00 to $725.00 and up, depending upon the model and style. Keep in mind that bargains can be found on the net for up to 70% off of retail.

About The Company:

Salvatore Ferragamo is known the world over as a luxury leather goods shop. It was founded by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1928 in the city of Florence, Italy. It is a privately held company that is most famous for producing footwear. They also offer clothing, fragrance and luxury items that are available in their boutique shops and in major department stores all over the world.

Such was the craftsmanship and genius of Ferragamo that lots of celebrities soon began to line up and buy his designer creations. Very soon he became popular as the Shoemaker of the Stars. But resting on his laurels was not Ferragamo's habit. He was searching for perfection. It bothered him that though the shoes were artistic and beautiful looking pieces, they could not fit the feet a hundred percent. To find solution, he decided to study human anatomy and joined University of Southern California.

Ferragamo died on August 7th 1960. His company has continued to grow and diversify into many more areas. Today they produce and market a host of items including fashion bags, cloths, accessories, eyeglasses, watches, perfumes etc.

Salvatore Ferragamo
655 5th Ave
(212) 759-3822
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Salvatore Ferragamo
866 Second Avenue, 2nd Floor
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Salvatore Ferragamo - Brookfield Center
Boutique · Brookfield Place
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Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Accessories
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