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Calvin Klein is one of the most memorable names in women's fashion. The company was founded in 1968 as an exclusive coat shop and the company skyrocketed from there.

They began to be featured on the covers of high end magazines and their products were in demand all over the country. As the company began to grow, they started to offer more products than just coats and clothes, branching out into shoes, bags, even sunglasses.

Fans of the brand wanted everything that was branded CK- jeans, t-shirts, and handbags were all emblazoned with the logo.


Today you can still find these high-quality products being sold both online and in store. Their handbags in particular are highly sought after due to their unique takes on classic designs. The bags are made entirely from leather, and decorated in both modern and classic fashions. You can find pieces with beautiful fur details, abstract screen printed designs, or even fun and flirty fringe. The bags span the price range from mid hundreds for quality tote bags or cross body bags, up to the upper thousands for truly unique snakeskin or alligator leather pieces.


If you need a Calvin Klein bag in your life, you can buy online, but it is tough to decipher how the bag will work for your needs from just a photo and a set of dimensions. It is much easier for you to find pieces that will work for your lifestyle in-person at a Calvin Klein store or authorized retailer. If you are planning a visit to Manhattan, here is how to buy Calvin Klein handbags in New York.


For your first stop, check out the Calvin Klein Inc store on 39th Street and 7th Avenue in Midtown, just south of Times Square. Here you can find their entire collection, including shoes and clothes to match your brand new purse. You can give them a call at (212) 719-2600 to find out more.


Just west of the Calvin Klein store on 39th Street and 5th Avenue you will find a Lord and Taylor store that happily carries Calvin Klein purses, clothes, and other accessories. Make it a shopping day and peruse through all of their available offerings. You can give this store a call at (212) 391-3344 to see exactly what they offer.


Just south of both of these stores is Macy's amazing flagship store on 34th Street and 7th Avenue in the Herald Square district. You will be amazed at what you can find in this multi-floor building that spans nearly an entire block! If you are in search of a specific bag from Calvin Klein, call the store at (212) 695-4400 to see if they carry the purse you are looking for.


What is a trip to New York without a shopping spree at Bloomingdale's? The home of everything beautiful and luxurious, including Calvin Klein. You can find the store at 59th and Lexington, just east of Central Park. You will see plenty of shoppers walking around with their branded brown paper bags carrying untold treasures. Call the store at (212) 705-2000 to find out if they are currently carrying any of the bags you are looking for.


New York City is the perfect place to find yourself a beautiful new handbag. Don't resort to online shopping where you can't be sure if the purse will fit your body or your style, shop in person in one of many stores in Manhattan.