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A great staple in a wardrobe should always exude quality and confidence. Cole Haan Handbags are designed with high quality materials with on trend colours and patterns. What makes this company stand out from the rest is that it was founded in 1928 , in Chicago and manifested to be a New York Fashion Legend today.

With sleek minimalist designs the option to mix and match multiple accessories is effortless. Keeping their revolutionary designs simple , practical and trendy reflects their success for the past 89 years and counting.

Purchasing at Cole Haan with any budget is possible and enjoyable. There is no reason why you should have to take out a loan to invest in a good quality handbag and accessories! The Cole Haan Company speaks to everyday consumers in a language that is fashion forward but also won't break your bank. Something a lot of other companies aren't able to compare to when it comes right down to the purses and shoes. 

As a rushed shopper most of the time I find myself not having the time to do everything I need to accomplish during the day. When I've finally attempted everything on my to-do list , by the time I finish - I'm exhausted and sometimes even frustrated. Even if my errands and shopping didn't take all day and night - the traffic/ congestion , fast paced environments makes it difficult to focus sometimes. I'm scatter- brained even sometimes just plain forgetful.

This makes for a stressful time , and the last thing I want to feel when buying a beautiful , high quality hand bag is stress. This should be a beautiful, harp playing , spiritual singing moment. It's crucial to put together a plan of action to keep your shopping adventure as smooth as possible while not getting run down In the process. There is no excuse to not pick up your unique handbag at Cole Haan.

How do I devise a carefully executed plan of action you ask ? Well it's simple there are locations all around New York with professional, knowledgeable associates to assist you in picking out that handbag that will make your next door neighbor jealous. When it comes to buying a Cole Haan handbag in New York there are no rules! Going out for coffee? Heading to Work? Or just in the mood to shop!?

Here's all the information you need to start planning your shopping trip. Locations and Business phone numbers are listed below.

Reference : stores.colehaan.com/search.

To search the nearest store location in your area .Want to be on top of the newest trends and sales - Than download the Cole Haan Shopping App , available on the App Store for iPhone and Google Play store for Andriod. With all this fashion forward information at your fingertips buying Cole Haan Handbags in New York will be at the very top of your to - do lists. 

Rockefeller Centre - New York , NY , USA 620 5th Ave. 10020 1- (212) - 765 - 9747
New York , NY , USA128 Prince St. 10012 1- (212)- 219- 8240 
New York, NY , USA141 5th Ave. 100101-(213)-617-4693
Columbus Circle - New York, NY, USA10 Columbus Citcle . Spc 15 - 100191-(212)-833-9420
New York, NY, USA185 Greenwhich St. LL 2050 . 100071- (212)- 732-4635
White Plains, NY, USA, 125 Westchester Ave. 106011- (914)- 997-7480



276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222