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Furla is a steadily rising American brand, offering a variety of stylish products and handbags for an affordable price. What distinguishes their products and makes the Furla brand so unique is the intricacies of their bag design, where every single bit of detail is completed with care and caution. Their modern, stylish and trendy designs at low prices distinguish the Furla brand from all other brands. It is no wonder today why people are beginning to recognise and desire handbags and other products from Furla.

Furla Handbag Preview:

1. Furla Lucky Tote M Glace B 

The Furla Lucky Tote M Glace B bag looks like a generic women's handbag, but the distinguishing factors in this handbag is the wonderfully intricate designs in the zipper and the stitching of the bag as a whole. The bag, constructed from Calf Leather, comes in three different colours (black, red and brown). Selling for $498, this bag, designed as a luxurious and highly exquisite one, is most certainly affordable and a true picturesque representation of the quality of the Furla Brand. 

2. Furla Metropolis Miss Crossbody Blue Metal 

The Furla Metropolis Miss Crossbody Blue Metal handbag more epitomises the more distinctive side of the Furla Handbag Brand. With a small, sleek and stylish design, this handbag will accompany a woman well. The exterior of the Furla Metropolis Handbag is python-printed with metallic calfskin, the material used in much more expensive, luxurious handbags such as in the ones in Louis Vutton and Burberry. The Furla Metropolis Miss Crossbody Blue Metal truly represents how luxury and intricacy can be offered at a much more affordable price. 

3. Furla Metropolis Lace Mini Crossbody Toni Acero 

The Furla Metropolis Lace Mini Crossbody Toni Acero embodies the intricacy and care for design in the Furla Brand. Coming in splash of multiple colours such as gold, white and black, this design not only combines such colour, but truly represents it in an explosive and luxurious manner. The intricacy of the design must be noticed in the flap of the bag, where each stitch and imprint is done to the highest quality and with the utmost care for design. The Furla Metropolis Lace Mini handbag truly epitomises the quality of the Furla Brand, offered at the most minimal prices. 

How To Buy Furla Handbags in New York 

Furla is currently only a rising brand, and hence there are not many stores in which a Furla handbag can be found and bought. In fact, there is only one store officially chained by Furla that sells Furla Products. Let's go into the details of such.

Furla 645 5th Avenue, New York +1 212-572-9945

The only Furla store in New York, this store is critically acclaimed for its numerous products stocked and its friendly, helpful staff. With its highly competitive prices, this Furla store in New York is doing mighty good work to assist the Furla brand to truly establish itself as a dominant handbag seller with the significant amount of highly quality, luxurious products at an affordable price.

Overall, the Furla Brand is one that's currently rising, and there are only limited opportunities in New York to find and purchase one. However, with the quality exhibited by this brand in their handbags, it will only be inevitable that all women will want to find their hands on a Furla handbag.