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Michael Kors is one of the most famous handbag designers of our time. Nearly every woman in America either owns a Michael Kors handbag themselves or personally knows at least one person that does. What makes these handbags so special? Why are customers willing to pay nearly double for this specific designer? We have compiled several reviews from women around the globe that provide the specific details on why Michael Kors handbags are worth every penny.

Social Proof
Whether people like to admit it or not, a large reason that women purchase Michael Kors handbags is specifically for the social proof. In today’s society, status and status symbols make us feel important in a time when we may feel otherwise excluded or unimportant. Purchasing designer handbags is proven to release chemical endorphins in our brains, giving us what some women like to refer to as a “shopper’s high.” This kind of elation not only causes us to purchase one handbag, but also makes us more inclined to purchase one of these products again, and even purchase additional products such as wallets or watches. This is a large part of the reason why Michael Kors can charge so much for the products they offer, and why they sell so well.

There is a reason why Michael Kors handbags constantly top the charts in the fashion industry. Their design is unmatched. Whether it is the durability, high quality materials, or impeccable craftsmanship, these handbags are unrivaled. Not only that, Michael Kors is known for offering several different design options to it’s customers, making certain that there truly is something for everyone.

Michael Kors sells more than just handbags, they sell a lifestyle. In any Michael Kors advertisement you see, it translates the feeling of the type of high-quality lifestyle that all women desire. This can be attributed to the fact that they often use celebrity photographers for their advertisements. The company is also incredibly talented at creating buzz around their products. They may purposefully leak sneak-peeks of an upcoming product lines so that bloggers and fashion reporters alike will speculate for weeks or months. By the time the new product line is actually released, people have already been talking about it for weeks. In turn, this causes a social media whirlwind of women posting about receiving the newest products.

To some women, Michael Kors handbags may seem too expensive, however, to women who enjoy high fashion, these handbags are drastically more affordable than other high fashion brands. Women love that they can receive a reputable brand at a fraction of the cost.

They Know Their Audience
Michael Kors excels in knowing exactly who their target market is and how to cater to them. They are able to perfectly communicate to these women that they know exactly what they want in a handbag, and then they spell out the specifics of how they plan to meet their needs.

They Are Collectible
It’s no secret that Michael Kors handbags have a fiercely loyal following. The women who make up this following tend to purchase more than one of these purses for the simple fact that once you own a designer handbag, you don’t want to be seen without one. Due to the wide selection of handbags that Michael Kors offers, women are able to purchase one for each season, each month, or even each week depending on their disposable income. They also tend to purchase matching wallets, watches and the like. Once you see someone with a Michael Kors handbag, you can guarantee that they own more than one Kors product.

They Are Readily Available
Not only can Michael Kors handbags be found on the standard Michael Kors website (www.michaelkors.com), they can also be found in most department stores for the women who want to touch, feel, and try on a selection of purses before purchase. Nearly every mall has either a Macy’s, JCPenney’s, Belk or Nordstrom’s, all of which carry Michael Kors handbags, while select cities have Michael Kors outlets dedicated specifically to these products. For the women who would love these handbags, but can’t necessarily afford the sticker price, they can also be found for a discounted price at Overstock.com.

They Are An American Brand, Creating American Jobs
One of the main reasons for American women to be proud to own a Michael Kors handbag, is because the brand was founded in their home country. While they may not be manufactured in the states, the brand still helps create American jobs and stimulate the local economy by providing its highly demanded products in American stores. This attributes to the stores sales and success, allowing for more hires.

They Stick To Their Niche
A large component that contributes to Michael Kors success is that they don’t try to do everything at once. They know what they do best, which is create high quality designer accessories at a lower cost than other high fashion brands. Since they don’t try to branch out and make clothing and other unrelated products, their sales are higher and their niche products are more in demand.

They Make Great Gifts
If you were to get a woman a Michael Kors handbag or another Kors accessory, whether for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other gift giving holiday, you would be her hero. As mentioned before, Michael Kors fans are incredibly loyal. Receiving one of these coveted purses without having to pay for it themselves is the ultimate present.

They Are Timeless
The classic and durable design of Michael Kors handbags mean that they will last for years to come. Not only will they withstand normal wear and tear, they will also withstand the ever-changing fashion industry. This makes them the ultimate investment, which is a large part of why they sell so well.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a timeless staple piece to add to your wardrobe, you can never go wrong with a Michael Kors handbag. Due to the wide variety of options available, Michael Kors truly has something for everyone. You can make your next purchase while having peace of mind that you will be using your money as a good investment, making a fashion statement as you go.

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