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Are you looking to buy Kate Spade handbags in New York?

You have three great locations right in NYC:

135 5th Ave · (212) 358-0420
Open until 8:00 PM

789 Madison Ave · (212) 988-0259
Open until 7:00 PM

400 Bleecker St · (212) 229-2457
Open until 7:00 PM

Three words can be used to describe the Kate Spade stores, including the
one in New York: colorfulness, playfulness and charming. 

The brand is recognized for using a combination of modern graphic elements and ingenious shapes. The Kate Spade stores in New York have undertaken an exuberant approach to every day fashion taste of both men and women. In addition, the Kate Spade stores in New York have continued to be a hallmark of fashion industry by ensuring that there is a wide variety of choices. 

Kate Spade carries handbags, clothing, fashion accessories, eyewear, home decor, tabletop, and even desk accessories. 

The unique approach to fashion does encourage a sense of style that is defined with the dash of charm. Kate Spade encourages colorful living. With more than 140 retailers and outlets in the USA and an additionally 175 shops worldwide, the Kate Spade stores in New York continue to sell the colorful products in the country and the world. The shops in New York are always inviting to all customers., and there are no airs of superiority when walking into one of the boutiques.

Uniqueness of Kate Spade Stores
The success of the stores began with the unique design of nylon handbags. A change of ownership and consequent leadership have been the pace setters for the success of Kate Spade. Sales have since increased dramatically. However, it is not all about the profits the fashion company makes but rather the installment of unique approaches to the industry as a whole. One of the uniqueness of the company rests with striking the cord’ with men consumers (Jack Spade). What began as an industry that deals with female fashion transformed to include designer male clothing. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the company arises from presence of a strong or rather formidable wholesale business in the US. Unlike other fashion companies, the Kate Spade stores have been selling their merchandise, including their well known handbag line, in upscale markets such as Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

Another factor that has made Kate Spade stores in Manhattan unique is the successful investment in a combination of both digital marketing and e-commerce. The company has managed to use the cross development of store-to-web and the vice versa thus making difficult to exclude the development of one channel without including the other. The e-commerce website also enables potential client to order their products that are delivered at their doorstep. 

The e-store can be viewed to be the most important flagship of Kate Spade store in NYC. It would be unfair not to give credit to the brand consistency of the stores that have been important in ensuring growth. Increasing the market share has been defined by the uniqueness of having new categories such as watches. Beyond the flagship of handbags, the company has expanded the merchandise to include new classifications such fragrances. Any time you visit the stores, one thing comes in mind 
Live and Stay Colorful!

There are many Kate Spade locations in the country and worldwide, however, here are a few locations: the Kate Spade Manhattan stores, Charlotte Premium Outlets, Charlotte, NC, Kate Spade Store: Women’s Clothing Store Fashion in Niagara Falls, NY, and the St. Augustine Outlet in Florida.

You can also find their fashion merchandise on Amazon, as well as from other reputable online sellers.



276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222