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Coach handbags are irresistible due to their impudent and classy look. Markets often provide the best deals for this fashionable bag, but finding a legit Coach handbags requires a bit of experience. Nevertheless, distinguishing an authentic Coach bag from the counterfeit ones, is not as feverish as you think. 
● Tips To Identify A Legit Coach Handbag.

1 Coach Leather Creed
A Coach leather creed can be found inside every Coach handbag. A serial number, containing an alphabet, four numbers, a dash, and then another set of numbers, is intended to the leather creed. This is one of the important aspect expended in identifying a licit Coach handbag. 

2 Hang Tags tags can be found on all handbags, but some of them are mostly, sales tag. On the contrary, hang tags on Coach handbags are not sales tags. In fact, they are small leather pieces, with 'Coach' embossed on it that are used to adorn the outside of the handbag. A counterfeit Coach handbag would usually have, a metal hang tag in place of the leather key fob. 

3 Sales Tags
Legit Coach handbags come with white sales tags. Whereas, the sham ones often come with red or white sales tags. A bona fide Coach handbag's sales tag will show the MSRP price, the serial number (The number that can be found on the leather creed.), a brief description about the style of your handbag. 
In spite of this, a genuine Coach handbags sales tag will be attached to the hardware or to the inside of the Coach handbags. Whereas, the pastiche sales tag will be attached to the metal hang tag.

4 Interior Lining
The most lenient way to discover a legit Coach handbag is to look at the interior lining. Satin material, of a solid colour is used in genuine bags, rather than the silk material used in importers. Occasionally, materials with the 'signature C' is used as the lining for forged bags.

5 Signature C
In Coach handbags made with 'Signature C' jacquard, the C's will align straight down to the center of the handbag. While, the C's is not aligned properly in counterfeit Coach handbags. 

6 Seam
Coach handbags are showcases extreme craftsmanship. Thus the seams of the bags are not glued, but sprucely stitched on. If you find a handbag with poor quality stitching, or string knots, then it is a bogus bag. 

If you are too savvy to get a Coach handbag, without doing too much of wandering, then these are the best places to get the hottest one. 
● Century 21st Department Store
Located at 22 Cortlandt St., Newyork. This store showcases a myriad of handbags at their designer handbags department. And you could easily find a Coach handbag here.
● Coach Factory Outlet
The hottest Coach handbags can be found here, at Woodbury Commons, Central Valley. 
● S&T Famous Bags
This place is made up just for women. Located at 1308 King Highway, Brooklyn, buy Coach handbags from this place at the appropriate prices. 
● Kenneth Cole Outlet
This outlet knows no season. This is the best place to grab Coach handbags of all seasons. It is located at 25 Enterprise Ave, Secaucus. 
● Michele Oliveiri 
Carefully picked, coveted handbag lines this shop. It is located at Orchard St., Newyork.