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Jimmy Choo, a British luxury brand, is known worldwide for its exquisite shoes, accessories and handbags. Jimmy Choo products offer practicality with a flair like no other. Each product is designed with tremendous attention to detail.

Jimmy Choo handbags are no different. The quality, style and the glamour of each handbag speaks for itself. Many celebrities and film stars carry Jimmy Choo handbags on red carpet occasion for this reason. Jimmy Choo is fearless when designing these bags. Combining high-quality craftsmanship, unique leathers and intricate adornments, each bag is a masterpiece.

Jimmy Choo Handbag Styles

When it comes to handbag styles, Jimmy Choo bags are available in diverse styles and collections. Pouch bags, messenger bags, satchels, clutches, totes, hobos and shoulder bags are all available under the Choo banner. Some of the most popular handbags include Saba, Marin, Lockett, Riley and Arrow, which are adored by women worldwide.

1. Saba

Jimmy Choo Saba is a hobo bag, that has been seen in the hands of celebrities like Jessica Simpson. The soft Nappa leather makes the bag easy and fun to wear. The African bangles near the strap add a look of glamour transforming the bag from casual to formal in a jiffy.

2. Marin

Marin is the most popular clutch design from the house of Jimmy Choo. It has been released in a variety of styles including different colours and leathers. Famous variations of this clutch include zebra print, electric blue, plain black, metallic silver and plum colour.

3. Lockett

A shoulder bag with long straps, Lockett is available in a myriad of colours and styles. It can also be carried in hand. The bag features a new locking mechanism that has been patented exclusively by Jimmy Choo. The bag has a unique design that makes it ideal for daytime use.

4. Riley

Riley is a popular tote bag by Jimmy Choo. This bag can either be carried on the shoulder, held in the hand or worn on the arm. It features subtle gussets on each side, allowing the bag to transform from a classic masterpiece to a modern silhouette.

5. Arrow

Arrow is a popular cross body bag that is ideal for daily use due to its sharp design and clean lines. The bag has a pointed shape, nickel-free chain and magnetic snap button closure. The bag is available in metallic colours and has been finished with a Jimmy Choo coin charm for added glamour.

Where to Buy Jimmy Choo Handbags in New York?

All the handbags are available for purchase through Jimmy Choo Online website. If you are not a fan of online shopping, there are multiple places in New York that feature authentic and original Jimmy Choo handbag collection.

1. Bloomingdale’s

Address: 59th Street, Bloomingdales, New York, 10022

Phone: +1 212 705 3837

2. Madison Avenue

Address: 699 Madison Avenue, New York, 10065

Phone: +1 212 759 7078

3. 5th Avenue

Address: 645 5th Avenue, New York, 10022

Phone: +1 212 593 0800

4. Soho

Address: 111 Greene Street, New York, 10012

Phone: +1 347 584 8825

5. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

Address: 324 Red Apple Ct, Central Valley, NY, 10917

Phone: +1 845 928 2324

All of these stores remain open from morning till evening on a daily basis, so that you may shop at your own convenience.