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Judith Leiber handbags are a marvel. At first glance, the handbags' resplendence, elegance, and sophistication leave the beholder in a state of sheer awe and admiration. But what makes this brand of bags so outstanding? Well, the brand prides itself at creating fanciful and unequaled handbags which are riveting in design and hand craftsmanship.

A Judith Leiber pocketbook is identifiable by it's whimsical embellishments of glittering jewelry and sparkling crystals. They can be designed in the conventional handbag shape, although it is common to find some which are sculpted to resemble various shapes such as wrapped candy and panda teddy bears.

Over the decades, this world renowned handbag has been carried by some very prestigious individuals. Some of these individuals include first ladies of the United States of America such as Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton. Celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez and Carrie Bradshaw have also been spotted carrying Judith Leiber bags. There are many stores selling Judith Leiber handbags across the world, however, the thrust of this article will be on how to buy Judith Leiber pocketbooks in New York as well as where to buy them. 

Before we consider the specific locations in New York where one can buy Judith Leiber handbags, let's examine how to buy them. Several factors should be put into consideration before the purchase. For instance, what specifics are you looking for in as far as the shape, design, size and color of the handbag are concerned. These factors will refine your search for the appropriate handbag.

Furthermore, you need to decide the occasion that the handbag is going to be carried; will it be carried to a wedding? A dinner date perhaps? Or maybe to an inauguration of the next president. Truly, the occasion will determine the type that you decide to buy. Most importantly, you'll need to specify whether you desire a vintage type, or a more modern and trendy handbag.

Judith Leiber has been in the handbag business for the last 50 years and as such there is such a large variety of handbags to choose from. Lastly, you should consider the cost and buy a handbag that fits within your budget.

Now let's discuss where to buy this fashionable handbag in New York. If you want to buy genuine handbags in New York, the first piece of worthwhile advice is don't go shopping for it at Canal Street in the city's Chinatown. The reason for this stern warning is that Canal Street is notorious for being rife in counterfeit goods, handbags included.

If you intend to shop for your handbag in that particular area of town, chances are that you might end up being duped into buying a counterfeit.

On the contrary, Michael's, The Consignment Shop for Women, which is a store located in New York at 1041 Madison Avenue at 79th Street, on the 2nd floor, will leave you spoilt for choice at their wide variety of genuine Judith Leiber handbags at reasonable prices. You can also reach them on 212-737-7273 for further inquiries and directions. 1stdibs is also another great place to buy Judith Leiber handbags, they are situated at 51 Astor Place, 3rd floor, New York. 



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