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The Kirna Zabête boutique carries really trendy handbags, as well as other fashion merchandise, geared towards true fashionistas.

A famous fashion Management journal recently produced a study on how important sensory cues were in the world of fashion boutiques. The findings showed that its not only what we actually leave the store with that counts. The smell, lighting and who is around in the shop can affect what benefits are to be had from shopping. Have you ever walked into a store and it had a weirdness to it? On the other hand have you ever walked into the perfect place then walked out with the perfect thing you imagined you would find? Well I can say I totally agree that experience is a major key in the process of shopping because its not all about the outfit.

The experience of shopping can be one of release, release from the world we know. We go in and look for something that was meant for us, something that we hand pick ourselves, whether its a pair of shoes, a dress, bag or jewelry what you pick will determine how you feel. So you need to choose the right place to make the right decisions. Its important that we have a spot that we can go that offers only the best, creative outfits and accessories from the best designers of the world. When you enter the Kirna Zabête boutique or go onto its website you are presented with just that. You are given choices of how you will feel as you initiate your next fashion goals. 

When you have been working hard and working out you need a sanctuary that offers an experience that transitions you into the next phase of your life. One strategy we all know that shatters our old paradigms is by creating a new look. This new look needs to act as a catalyst that will help produce the change that we already feel within. The next phase of our life is set when we choose how we present ourselves. 

When you expect the best from yourself you should expect the best look from the best designers and that's what Kirna Zabête offers. When you find what you need then you will experience the benefits of boosting your happiness, drive, and purpose. When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do good so why not shop from the best?

Beth Buccini is the owner of Kirna Zabête and she hand picks every piece that is displayed in the store. So when its time to take a step back from the world you can make a move in the right direction by choosing the next look. There is a lot of ideas when walking into the boutiques located in SOHO, BRYN MAWR, and EAST HAMPTON. Kirnazabete.com offers everything you would find when your logistics are not so favorable.

Either way just like walking into an art exhibition it flows nicely, everything placed in the right spot then you find what you feel will be the perfect piece. However by far more practical than an art show when you leave with what you want it'll leave you with that feeling that you have chosen the right path to take, a feeling of new, creativity and clarity. 

Address: 477 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 941-9656



276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222