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Patricia Nash handbags are made from fine Italian leather and vintage motive. The brand CEO Patricia Nash started creating her own line of bags in 2010 as inspired by her childhood memories of her peering in to her mother’s closet and wondering at the strove of beautiful handbags. These bags have unique quality and features drawn from extensive travels, her personal style and in-depth knowledge of accessories. She provides simple silhouettes with quality materials and a reserve of rich antiquated details. The bags are exquisite work of art, hand-cut, hand-dyed and sewn by hands with hand-burned edges and finished with a hand- embossed logo. They are made in different fashion and styles with different forms and for different functions making them very convenient. They are long lasting and built with love bringing the old-world feel. These bags have been designed differently for different purposes and comfort depending on the user and come with very fair prices.

To mention but a few, we have the following designs;

Beaumont Flap Crossbody-This bag is beautiful and in a smaller size. It has a tooled look and each is slightly different in terms of color/stain. Some look rich and dark whereas others look a little more washed out. You just need to choose one according to your taste.

Terresa Wallet-This is a pretty wallet! It has an outside slip pocket which is a must for me. It goes with the matching handbag 8487163. However the purse is too small so return same.

Giraldi Hobo-This bag is available in different shades and designs. It is small in size and has neither a zipper nor an outside pocket, but it is very cute.

Barcelona Saddle Bag-This bag is divided in to the main compartment and a smaller compartment. It’s available in different colors and is slightly bigger in size accommodating many different things. It can be worn in many different ways to accommodate the day.

Gracchi Frame Satchel-It is such a fantastic purse. The latch and frame setup are outrageously functional. It opens and remains open with such a wide opening making it easy to find things. The pockets are large enough and the latch on top of the bag can be locked with the attached key that comes hanging off the side.

Elisa Bucket-It is made from soft suede with beautiful colors. It has a bucket shape and fringe giving it a Bohemian/70's look without it being over the top. Inside, it has a zippered side pocket and two additional slip in pockets-perfect for sunglasses and phone. It has both a handle and adjustable cross body trap.

Atrani Backpack-It is spacious, simple and light. The leather feels and smells great.

Benvenuto Tote –It has scarfs. It is suitable to put a purse and or a tablet. It is also of very good quality and with enough spaces.

If you want to know how to buy Patricia Nash handbags you can visit Patricia Nash Designs shops or webcrawler.com,Macy’s shop LLC,680 Folsom st. San Francisco, CA 94107,Nordstrom shop,Zappos,Dillard stores at 760 Kingsone Pike, West Town Mall.



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