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Anne Klein may have passed away long ago, back in 1974 of breast cancer, and the company she brought to fame is now run by Jones Apparel Group but that doesn’t detract from the fact that anything with the name Anne Klein on it is sought after for its style.

The key driving force behind Anne Klein’s fashion designing efforts was to empower women and she did that by giving them the confidence gained by looking stylish.

What Makes Anne Klein Handbags So Unique?

One of the things you will immediately notice if you shop for an Anne Klein handbag is the vast variety of both styles and materials. It is as easy to choose one for a casual day as it is to match a special outfit for an important occasion. You can find backpacks, beach bags, clutches, crossbody style, hobo style, satchels, shoulder bags, totes, and more.

Another advantage is that you get the beauty of a leather product without feeling guilty because the faux leather used looks and holds up as well as leather without relying on the death of an animal to accomplish. This also makes them more affordable and often lighter which can make a big difference for your back and shoulders.
Where to Buy Anne Klein Handbags in New York

The main place to shop for Anne Klein handbags in New York is at Macy’s. You can shop online and then pick up your selection at any of their New York City area locations or you can have them shipped to your home or office. You can also simply shop at the store so that you can see and touch the handbags for yourself in order to decide which of them will suit your needs and wardrobe the best.

Here are a two Macy’s locations to choose from in the New York City area and there are others in New Jersey and Long Island as well:

• Macy’s Brooklyn Downtown, 422 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY (718) 875-7200

• Macy’s Herald Square, 151 West 34th Street, New York, NY (212) 695-4400
In addition to going to Macy’s, you can also buy Anne Klein handbags in New York at Lord & Taylor at 424 5th Avenue, New York City, NY (212) 391-3344. They also have a location in Yonkers at 157 Market Street (914) 423-1371 and an outlet in Elizabeth, NJ at 651 Kapkowski Road (908) 354-5900.

It is nice to have a selection of stylish handbags for any purpose that you can find affordably and without resorting to animal destruction. Because the handbags are so much more affordable than their leather counterparts it will be easy to have the collection of handbags you desire and still have money to complete your wardrobe with clothing, coats, footwear, jewelry, and watches also offered by Anne Klein. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be stylish, yet you can look like it did.

Whether you buy Anne Klein handbags in New York or from an online retailer, you can feel confident that you look great and others will recognize you made a responsible decision. You’ll feel empowered just as Anne Klein always knew you could be! What a difference that could make in your life.