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Carrying a handbag is like driving a car, everyone will stare at you as long as it is sexy enough to look at. However, unlike cars, no one will judge you by the purse you carry but they sure will envy the inadvertent swag that it gives you, the poise it adds to your stature and the beauty that it commands. The New York Fashion District is one place you can trust to give you one such handbag but you have to be extra incisive about it.


If you are a person who chooses brand over quality, I would advise you to think again because it is good all the time to choose the right thing at the right when you go to the market and go home with what you like you yourself. Investing in a handbag, especially a luxury handbag, is a matter of exchanging currency for quality. You can have a popular logo attached to your purse but it will remain just that, a logo. If you are going to carry a $5000 Chanel purse, you might as well carry it with all the pride you can collect.


A typical New Yorker will tell you not to buy a purse before looking at the style. And they are right. Handbags can come in all shapes, sizes and prices but before choosing one, look at the details. Does it have lasting fabric, can it accommodate more than three outfits in your closet, is it unique and does it fit your personality? Keep these in mind and you will not go wrong.
If you have ever gone handbag shopping you know how hard it is to settle on just one purse. You wish your pocket could accommodate your longing. So what if it could? 

The secret is to always walk to the clearance and sale section first. Do not tempt your eyes with the elegant Alexander McQueen or the divine Louis Vuitton, simply lead your feet to the ones that are stunning but affordable. You would rather get three gorgeous designer bags for the price one exorbitant brand. Fact is, bags, just like most things, are exciting only for a while; so be wise.


Do not settle. You do not need to be a fashion queen to know this. Walking down the New York Fashion District is like taking a stroll down an actual candy land, your eyes will see the unimaginable and your heart will burst from too much exposure to awesomeness. So please do not settle for just any purse, make sure your eyes have seen enough to decide on just one.

 You need to be careful to ensure that you are purchasing authentic and original handbags only.

To help you decide on which stores to visit during your handbag venture in the New York Fashion District, here is a list of five iconic outlets that you have to go to. You can thank me later.


Trendlee Handbags Shop W 37th Street (855) 700-7929

Moyna LLC Fashion Accessories Store 213 W 35th St (212) 967-0760

Alan Handbags 247 W 38th St (718) 685-8247

Longchamp Leather Goods Store 151 W 34th St (212) 695-8623

AR New York Wholesaler 121 W 30th St (212) 564-5368

One last point, while most shoppers are looking for pocketbooks by top designers such as Coach and Michael Kors, you
should be open to taking advantage of some of the great deals for boutique label bags that you can find in NY.

Some of those boutique bag designers might be the hottest names in the fashion world in the future.



276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222