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They say that style is a way to introduce yourself without even moving your lips. To appear classy and a fashionable, as a woman you need a Ted Baker handbag. These handbags come in different sizes, colours, and style. One of the features that make them stand out from most of the handbags in the market is they are made of genuine leather. The astounding quality assures the customer of durability. Genuine leather has never been out of fashion. You can put almost anything you want to carry in the bags provided it can fit. 

How to buy a Ted Baker’s handbag

Purchasing a bag may seem like a simple thing, but it gets complex whenever you get to a store dealing with Ted Baker handbags. It is hard to choose the best since most of them look great and are appealing. But don’t that’s not a thing to worry about because you can just close your eyes and pick whichever you want. No! I’m joking it’s simple because we got you covered with a guide here below.

· Buying a handbag starts at home before you get to the store you need to know what kind of a bag you need or for what purpose do you need the purse. By knowing this, you have high chances of buying the right bag for your needs.

· Material and design: These factors always come second. You must consider checking the material of the handbag to know how to maintain it. The style and design is a minor thing but plays a significant role whenever you want to look classic.

· Size and color: Here is another major issue that should be put into consideration. You are in need of a small bag or a big bag depending on how you want to use it. 

Where to Buy Ted Baker handbag

Ted Baker had bag can be purchased in various stores in New York. At times it can be hard to locate these stores, and it’s the reason why we have prepared this section to help you find these stores effortlessly. Here below are some of the stores to buy Ted Baker products. the street address and contact information is included.

The Shops at Columbus Circle

Address: 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10023

Contact: +1 212-823-6300

Ted Baker - Bloomingdales Short Hills


Address: Bloomingdale's, 1200 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills, NJ 07078

Phone: +1 973-548-2200


Ted Baker - Bloomingdales Willow Brook


Address: 3 Willowbrook Blvd, Wayne, NJ 07470


Phone: +1 619-331-9553



Ted Baker - Bloomingdales White Plains

Address: 175 Bloomingdale Road, White Plains, NY 10605

Phone: +1 914-683-2555



A handbag is an essential to each and every woman. Today, a purse is used for more than carrying all of her treasures. Some women use handbags to build their image and add a classy taste to their style and fashion. There are thousands of bag manufacturers today, and only a few women can trust. Among them is Ted Baker, they have been in the field for quite some time, and this has equipped them with a knowledge of what women needs and wants. By visiting any of the above stores, you can get a great handbag suit your style and needs.




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