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The handbag is the a fashion staple that draws millions of women's into some of the highest end retailers in NYC.

Kenneth Cole has been a silent leader on the bag scene for some time now, but as the heat waves of New York fashion come and go, so has Kenneth Cole emerged from his dwellings in Brooklyn, with a collection of bags that range from 'a quick weekend in the Hampton's' type size bag, beige, leather and spacious enough to fit a few toiletries, an extra top and a book, - to a sexy black crossbody bag, to quickly grab before enjoying a New York Friday night. 

The excitement of the Cole bag lies in the fact of how very New York it has become over the past year, - and for those of us who cannot always allow ourselves a Chanel or a Birkin, the appeal of the Cole bag grows even larger, - it's as New York wants to be at the moment, and it is affordable without losing its high brow rep.The blend is as perfect as a cosmopolitan and an episode of sex and the city. 

As we live in the era of internet, it can appear tempting to simply log onto eBay, in a perpetual 'click away' from the item of your desire. The efficiency of this, alluring as it is, cannot be compared with the real deal. By buying accessories online you lose all the fun of trying it on! The 'swirling around with a clutch' in front of the mirror show, should not go amiss. So grab yourself a girlfriend, a coffee and let us go hopping! 

The best place to start with is, 597 broadway, along buzzing cafes, bars and restaurants you will find a chic, two floor, Kenneth Cole boutique, different from the mall atmosphere, and depending on what you're looking for you can find a narrower but less exposed collection of Cole bags, - for example his clutches, beautiful as they are, you have to be ready to go on a bit of a New York adventure to find them! A still more intimate experience you will find when you enter the Cole store in 328 Bowery, petite as it is, it's rather well known for it's excellent staff, so if you're looking for a good, in depth chat about the brand this is the place to go.

If what you're after is more of an anonymous approach to the shopping experience I would recommend going to the Kenneth Cole outlet at Deer Park, 407 the Arches. Their collection is vast, and you will find a lot of items to a cheaper price, but be ready for competition! 

When it comes to the store I think most people prefer, 95 fifth avenue is where it's at. If there was ever a place where the Cole bag was conceived this would be my bet. In a powerfully low key milieu,where the street go almost hand in hand with the colours and cuts of Cole's bags, you'd be crazy not to leave with one or two of New York's most treasured items.  




276 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY 11222